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All the stuff from the album era and some stuff from the demo era is available directly from Symbiosis. Get in touch for further info.

Everything released since the first full-length album

"Solo, nel Bosco, la Mia Fine"
Self released, digital, 2021

1. Ode
2. Una Bufera Dimenticata
3. Il Mio Spirito tra i Monti
4. Secretum Nivis
5. Viaggio Cosmico
6. Attraverso la Matrice di Neve
7. Il Sentiero Abbandonato
8. Landscapes
9. Notte Gelata
10. L'Ultimo Inverno
11. Solo, nel Bosco, la Mia Fine

Self released, CDr, 2016

1. I
2. II
3. III
4. IV
5. V
6. VI
7. VII

"Crepuscoli Spirituali"
Le Crepuscule du Soir, CD, 2013

1. I
2. II
3. III

"Contemplando la Rotazione degli Astri attorno ad un Punto Immobile"
Black Death Production, tape, 2012

Symbiosis side
1. Sospriri d'Autunno
2. Bianca
3. Omphalos
Winterblood side
4. Crepuscoli Solitari
5. I Monti Pallidi
6. Samblana

"These Engulfing Winds Never Die"
Hypnotic Dirge Records, CD + DVD, 2010

Symbiosis side
1. Overture (Slavine di Luce)
2. Il Trionfo della Caducità
3. Sol Indiges
4. Se una Notte d'Inverno un Viaggatore
5. Luce Invernale (2009)
Ancient Tundra side
6. I Walk through Vast White Fields
7. Land of the Midnight Sun
8. Kvoloya Island

Frozen Landscapes Production, CD, 2008 | Depressive Illusions Records, tape, 2012

1. Overture (Slavine di Luce)
2. Eterno Inverno
3. E Ultima Venne la Neve
4. Luce Invernale
5. Campi Elisei

From the inception to the first full-length: the underground past of Symbiosis

"Una Bufera Dimenticata..." (War Flagellation Prod., tape, 2007) - compilation featuring almost 90 minutes of music chosen among the past works

"In Inverno" (Dungeons Deep Records, pro-CDr, 2007) - split album with Dump

"Stabat Nvda Aestas" (Dungeons Deep Records, CDr, 2007) - re-release of the second demo "A Midsummer Night's Dream" with more tracks and remastered sound

"Vannvidd / Symbiosis" (Visions of Nightscapes, CDr, 2006) - split album with Vannvidd

"United by Heathen Blood" (AMF Prod., tape, 2006) - three way split tape with Bagatur and Hrefnesholt

"A Midsummer Night's Dream" (self released, CDr, 2006) - second and last demo, re-released through various labels and eventually took its final shape as "Stabat Nvda Aestas" (see upon)

"United / Symbiosis" (AMF Prod., tape, 2006) - split tape with Uruk-Hai

"Passages" (self released, CDr, 2006) - first demo, re-released multple times through various labels and with different bonus tracks