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06th Feb. 2021 "Solo, nel Bosco, la Mia Fine" is out now. Symbiosis is no more.

10th Jan. 2021 The fourth Symbiosis full length album will be out on February, 6th. This will the last Symbiosis release, after this last effort Symbiosis will be finally dead.

6th Feb. 2016 "Mikrokosmos" is out. Go to its Bandcamp page to listen to, download and buy it.

12th Jan. 2016 "Mikrokosmos", the third Symbiosis full length album, will be released on February, 6th, exactly 10 years after the first demo "Passages". Further details soon.

23rd Oct. 2013 "Crepuscoli Spirituali" is available for streaming, download and purchase. Check the Bandcamp page or get in touch to order a copy.

08th Oct. 2013 "Crepuscoli Spirituali" will be finally released on October, 14th. During a live festival in Prato on October, 19th, the album will be showcased live.

25th Sep. 2013 Symbiosis will play live at Intermediale Festival in Legnica (Poland), along with some of the best acts in the dark ambient / experimental worldwide scene. More info and Facebook event here.

01st Jul. 2013 Symbiosis will perform live during "ControVERSI", a poetry reading and live performances event. It will be held in Prato at Lizard Park on July 10th. Facebook event here.

18th Jan. 2013 After 5 years from the first full-length, a new Symbiosis album is going to be released! It will be called "Crepuscoli Spirituali" and will be released by the well-known label Le Crepuscule du Soir.

16th Jan. 2013 New website launched.

15th Mar. 2012 Split with Winterblood, "Contemplando la Rotazione degli Astri Attorno ad un Punto Immobile", is now out on tape limited to 333 copies for Black Death Prod. Order your copy for 6 EUR / 10 USD postpaid.

14th Mar. 2010 Split Symbiosis / Ancient Tundra out now! CD + DVD for only 10 EUR / 15 USD postpaid.

16th Nov. 2008 Now out: "Nikolaevka", a wonderful compilation featuring the best of Italian apocalyptic folk. Symbiosis is featured with "Il Trionfo della Caducità". As usual, you can order this CD for 10 EUR / 15 USD postpaid.

20th Oct. 2008 Finally "Slavine" is out. You can order it for 10 EUR / 15 USD postpaid.