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Once upon a time...

Symbiosis is the solo ambient project of Valerio Orlandini, an Italian composer and musician born in 1986 in Florence.

Initially influenced by the ambient side of black metal music, with artists such as Burzum, Mortiis and so on, Symbiosis released its first demo, "Passages", in early 2006. After this intense effort, Symbiosis had the chance to split with names such as Uruk-Hai, Wedard, Vannvidd and Dump, and to release another great selling demo, "A Midsummer Night's Dream", along with some re-releases of old stuff.

The demo era of Symbiosis ended in 2008, when the newborn label Frozen Landscapes Productions gave Symbiosis the opportunity to release its first professional full length. "Slavine", this is the title, is a unique and mature blend of atmospheric and deep sounds carved in the eternal snow.
Other two works followed: a split album with Ancient Tundra in 2010 and another one with Winterblood in 2012.

After five years since the first full-length, a new album saw the dim light of this world: "Crepuscoli Spirituali", released in October 2013.

Exactly 10 years after the first demo, the third full-length album "Mikrokosmos" was released. A different way of reading nature and the secrets of winter: more abstract than the predecessor, with a deeper and subtle feeling, but with the same frozen energy.

For a full overview of Symbiosis discography, go to its dedicated page.

Symbiosis live history:

22.05.2016 Le Cave di Isola (Sesto Fiorentino, Italy)
22.11.2013 Teatr Modrzejewskiej (Legnica, Poland)
19.10.2013 Controsenso (Prato, Italy)
10.07.2013 Lizard Park (Prato, Italy)
29.06.2012 Ulisse Barnum (Firenze, Italy)
12.01.2012 Controsenso (Prato, Italy)
30.09.2008 Stony Pub (Pontassieve, Italy)